Voice Screen Lock Apk

You can unlock your phone by speaking. Your phone can be unlocked by voice command.your phone’s screen using voice commands.Any Android device may have a beautiful and configurable voice lock screen. Use your voice password to unlock your smartphone after setting one up.

It is no longer acceptable to lock and unlock your phone using a classic lockscreen. Use a novel method to lock and unlock your smartphone with your voice and protect it from outside approaches.

You use a unique lock screen with a unique pattern to secure your data, whether it be sensitive or private.

You desire a completely different lock screen, and this works with voice commands. Your request has been granted.

By using the Voice Screen Lock program, you may have a brand-new lock screen where you only say your password to unlock it.

With this Smart Voice Lock Screen, you can lock your phone using voice commands, setting it apart from other phones. We’ve also included a Keypad Lock Screen option with this App.

If you are unable to unlock your phone using voice commands or your “Voice Password” to Unlock, or if you do not want others to know about it, do not worry that your phone will be permanently locked. You guys can unlock your smartphone with an alternative pin code.


  • Enable Voice Lock Screen with a single click on mic and set Voice password.
  • Enhance Security using Home Key options given in setting.
  • Different HD Backgrounds are available to change the theme.
  • Set your own any type of voice password.
  • You can also set numeric password if voice password doesn’t work.
  • User Friendly and best Voice Unlocker
  • Show date and time on screen.
  • Change color of time and date.
  • Change font tyle to make more attractive your Voice Lock Screen.

Voice Screen Lock Apk Download

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